hey! i am SO glad you're here :) you stopping by my little brand to check it out means the world to me. i hope you find something you love and enjoy looking around! sending you lots of love :) - Glory (creator of Glo's)

Missions & Giving

A note from the creator and teen behind Glo's:

Hey, this is Glory! Thanks for checking out this page. I’m excited to get to share a little bit of my heart with you, all about an aspect of Glo's that I love!

When I was 15, I got to go on my first mission trip to Mexico. My favorite part was visiting the orphanages and loving on all the sweet kids. It’s amazing how much of an impact someone is able to make just by stopping to spend time with someone, give them a hug, and let them know they’re loved by another human, and most of all, Jesus!

In the past I’ve been able to help sponsor children through other mission groups and donate to different organizations to help people and the environment, made possible through profit from Glo's. And while that’s been amazing, it’s been on my heart to be able to go out and take some action myself!

So starting 2022, and beyond, I am so excited to begin this project of setting aside a much larger portion of the money I make from Glo's for mission trips that I’ll be able to join in on myself, as well as donating towards the outreaches of people I personally know and can see making a tangible difference in the world today!

As of January 2022, a portion of all sales will be set aside for mission trips and giving to organizations around the world. In addition, there will be specific items released from Glo's from which the entire proceeds will go towards this project, so that when you buy it, you can not only enjoy a cute piece of clothing, but also know exactly what your money is going towards helping!


Current goals:

In late summer of this year, I am going to be attending a school called YWAM on the Big Island where we'll spend some time preparing and learning how to be effective for going into the nations (as well as doing volunteer work, local outreaches in the Hawaiian community, beach cleanup, etc. while we’re training!). After that, I’ll spend a few months in another country (to be announced later) on a mission trip outreach cleaning up the environment, doing ministry projects, working in kids ministry, helping the local communities, and most of all, spreading love to everyone we come in contact with and being the hands and feet of Jesus! The amount I’m working towards raising for this 6 month mission outreach is $9,500. A portion of the profits from Glo’s will be going toward this, and I’m so excited to get to go out into the nations to make an impact!