hey! i am SO glad you're here :) you stopping by my little brand to check it out means the world to me. i hope you find something you love and enjoy looking around! sending you lots of love :) - Glory (creator of Glo's)


☆ Glo's, the original summer, beach, and happy vibes inspired clothing brand for teen girls, by a teen girl ☆ 

Hey there! I'm Glory, the 18-year-old creator behind the brand :) I'm so glad you're here!!
In spring of 2019, I decided to start a tee shirt shop as a way to start pursuing my dream of becoming a fashion designer and entrepreneur someday. When I opened Glo's that spring, I never would have expected this would all be where it is today, with hundreds of girls supporting the brand, joining my team, and wearing the tee shirts I've designed ♡ It's truly an amazing feeling to know that other people enjoy my ideas and original designs so much that they wear them!
 My mission for Glo's is that girls would feel beautiful, valued, and that some happiness would be brought into their lives through wearing my designs. I am so honored to have a team of girls from all over the country as my ambassadors who are helping me in this mission, and I hope as the brand grows, we can continue doing that on an even larger scale!
I hope you enjoy looking around the site, and maybe even getting your own item (or two!) from Glo's :)
If you have any questions or just want to connect and say hi, I'd absolutely love to chat. You can email me, or follow and DM on Instagram @glos_official. 
Glory ♡♡♡
(My first vacation to Maui in 2019. This trip really inspired me to start creating beach vibed designs!)
(Me in summer of 2021, when I got the opportunity to serve at a Christian missions organization on the Big Island as well as experience beautiful island life and create content for Glo's!)
Thanks for stopping by my website! I hope you find something you love